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Meet The Team


Sarah Cohen, MD

Medical Director. Internist. Clinical Herbalist. Integrative Medicine. 

Sarah Cohen, MD is the founder and Medical Director of Resource Medical Center, and is an Integrative Medicine physician dedicated to the best practices in health care.


Having traveled the earth to study botanical medicine in various continents, and having completed a hospital-based Internal Medicine training with the Thomas Jefferson University Health System in Philadelphia, PA., and a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona, Dr. Sarah Cohen is well positioned to integrate a wide spectrum of clinical insights. She observes that it is at the meeting place between time-honored healing wisdom and modern science where medicine is most marvelous and effective. 

Dr. Cohen finds home in the Rocky Mountain terrain of Colorado, where she continues her lifelong study and awe of medicinal plants. 

Book either Medical Cannabis Evaluations or Integrative Medidine appointments with Dr. Sarah in either Denver, Colorado, Philadelphia or Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 


David Gordon, MD

Medical Cannabis Physician

Dr. David Gordon has spent his entire career helping patients create health. Early on, he realized that blindly following his conventional training and using prescription medication was not making patients feel better or become healthier. From that point on, he has dedicated himself to understanding what creates optimal health and finding the safest, and most effects methods to achieve that goal. He owned, operated, and managed a private primary care clinic for 15 years passing that knowledge on to patients as their educator, mentor and guide. During his time in practice, he witnessed the safety and effectiveness that medical cannabis offered to patients and is excited to be on the forefront of cannabis medicine, bringing that knowledge to patients. Dr. Gordon received his Medical Doctorate and Residency training at the University of Colorado. He is board-certified in Internal and Integrative Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine. 4 key pillars — food, movement, relaxation and community — are the cornerstones to achieving optimal health. Dr. Gordon believes that learning about and incorporating these pillars are the path to control your own destiny, understand the root causes of your illness, and distance yourself from a dysfunctional system that stresses drugs and procedures at the expense of true health.​​

Friend of the Resource Medical Center, Michelle Johnson , is the talented professional photographer who took a few of our beautiful images. View her work here:

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