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Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card

In a state where anyone can walk into a Colorado recreational dispensary, present their state ID, and legally purchase cannabis, why would anyone need to visit a doctor in order to obtain a medical card? What are the benefits? Well, we are so glad you asked as the benefits are numerous. From dosage to access and affordability, patients will find plenty of support for their ongoing care on the medical side of cannabis legality. Here are a few major reasons of why a medical cannabis card could benefit you. 

lower costs & lower taxes

A major benefit offered by CO medical dispensaries is lower cost for patients, which is extremely important for people who rely on cannabis for medical issues. Imagine needing life-improving medication, but not having it covered by your insurance—that is the reality of medical cannabis patients all over the country. 

In Colorado, where medical cannabis patients avoid the 10% retail marijuana tax and 15% excise tax that recreational dispensary costumers must pay. Medical cards allow patients to have access to their medicine for lower cost, making their healthcare more affordable and accessible.

Access to medicine

Recreational shops are permitted to sell cannabis to anyone who is over the age of 21. While this may serve the general public, children who suffer from cancer and epilepsy who need medical cannabis need legal access to their medicine.

All states with medical cannabis programs currently have laws allowing under 18 minors to have access to medical cannabis with the assistance of a caregiver. The form of cannabis (oils, edibles, etc), cannabinoids permitted (THC, CBD, etc.), and potency limits vary state-to-state. *In Colorado, an under 18 patient must see and receive two physician certifications from medical cannabis doctors, at least one parent must have a CO ID, and must have medical records attesting to a state qualifying condition. Please call our office for more details. 

 dispensary benefits

Every medical dispensary offers incredible benefits to those who sign up for a membership. While you can only become a member at one medical dispensary (but can still shop at other medical shops) the deals can often cover the cost of obtaining a medical card. For instance, most medical dispensaries will offer members an initial credit (sometimes upwards of $100 in credit), an extra 10-20% off purchases, loyalty rewards, birthday discounts, referral discounts, access to a wider variety of products and medicine, and much more. After obtaining your medical cannabis card, we encourage all our patients to shop around and find the right medical dispensary for you. 

higher potency limits

Dosage is extremely important when it comes to medical cannabis, and many patients need access to high-strength cannabis to alleviate symptoms. As a medical card patient, you are legally permitted to purchase up to 2 ounces per transaction, while recreational customers are limited to 1 ounce per transaction.

Additionally, many medical products have higher levels of the cannabinoid CBD, which when combined with THC, can have more of a therapeutic effect than it has on its own. This is compared to the recreational side, where most infused products are high in THC, but not CBD. 

grow your own plants

The state of Colorado allows medical patients to grow their own medicine. The amount that one can grow is higher for medical patients than it is for recreational consumers. The standard plant count for medical patients is 6 plants. However, for patients who suffer from serious chronic conditions who need access to more medicine, our physicians upon request can consider issuing a physician certification with an increased plant count (for an extra fee) for up to 24 plants. This is important for patients, who unlike recreational consumers, are dependent upon the plant for their wellbeing and can better offset dispensary costs with their own homegrown supply.

prescribed treatment regimen

The physicians at Resource Medical Center are passionate about helping you optimize your health with Integrative Medicine and Medical Cannabis. As such, we always take into account your medical history, current medical conditions, prescription medications you may be on, and other mitigating factors to develop a personalized treatment regimen that is right for you. 

We also have specialists in our office to provide you with assistance in completing your online State of Colorado Medical Cannabis Application right after your appointment with one of our doctors. After seeing one of our physicians and after completing the state online application, most patients receive their medical card in as little as 2 days.